Lillian lives at a nursing home where everyone thinks she’s lost her marbles, but that’s nonsense. The only thing she has lost? Her monkey. Monkey has been orbiting the earth since Lillian’s team at NASA launched him in 1965. His space pod is about to land in the middle of the ocean, and only Lillian knows just when and where. She needs to be there at the exact moment it hits, or it will sink and Monkey will be trapped forever.

Howard wants to make new friends at camp, but when his first attempt to impress the campers backfires he decides to leave it all behind. He runs to a nursing home, hoping to live out a sedentary life, free from risks, decisions, and expectations. This is where he meets Lillian and their fantastic journey begins.

Can Lillian make it to Monkey in time? Can Howard hijack the space pod to live out his days in peace on the ocean floor? Should either one of them really be flying that hot air balloon? Through their travels down tunnels, hassles at handicapped entrances, and narrow escapes from NASA, they’ll learn that it’s okay to take chances and welcome the uncertainty of a life well lived.